The San Francisco council coordinates over 40 book groups in Northern California, publishes a newsletter, provides leader training, helps start new book groups, and sponsors high-quality literary events throughout Northern California.

The San Francisco council's annual financial report is available for inspection here.

Data security is maintained for any and all participants. GBSF does not disclose personal information to third parties for purposes that are materially different from the purposes for which it was originally collected. GBSF's privacy policy is available here:

Leadership and Key Volunteers
Brian Cunningham

Louise DiMattio
Jan Vargo
Mailing List Coordinator
Elena Schmid
Vice President
Brian Mahoney
Parki Hoeschler and Elena Schmid
San Francisco Mini-Retreat Co-Coordinators
Louise Morgan
Training Coordinator
Rick White
Publisher, Reading Matters
Donna Reynolds and Kay White
Gold Country Mini-Retreat Co-Coordinators
Laura Bushman
Picnic Coordinator
Caroline Van Howe and Brian Mahoney
Long Novel Weekend Co-Coordinators
Sheri Kindsvater
Wine Country Mini-Retreat Coordinator
Paula Weinberger and Ginni Saunders
Poetry Weekend Co-Coordinators