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Publications & Anthologies

Great Books Discussion Series

Many of our groups choose to use readings from anthologies published by the Great Books Foundation

  • Big Ideas in Popular Culture, published in 2017, includes three anthologies: 

    • Sound Bites: Big Ideas in Popular Music

    • Double Features: Big Ideas in Film

    • Tube Talk: Big Ideas in Television

  • The Great Conversations series consists of six anthologies of works covering the full spectrum of great literature, from the classics to the present. (Some volumes are out of print.)

  • The Introduction to Great Books series consists of three anthologies containing shorter selections from Western classics to short modern fiction. They are ideal for a newly-forming book group or for introducing great literature to younger readers. (Some volumes are out of print.)

  • Readings from The Civic Arena invite reflection on civic-minded activities and on the vital connections between thought and service:

    • Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights​

    • Taking Action

    • The Civically Engaged Reader

    • The Will of the People: Readings in American Democracy

  • The Science Anthologies series consists of:​

    • The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology

    • What's the Matter: Readings in Physics

    • Keeping Things Whole: Readings in Environmental Science

More Anthologies & Publications

In addition to the above series, the Foundation has published many single-volume anthologies, including:


For a full list of series, individual anthologies and discussion guides offered by the Great Books Foundation, visit its web site.

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