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Great Books Groups

People who like to think... thinking together

Great books are rich in perspectives and complex in meaning; they require a meeting of minds to be understood fully. In discussion, several readers pursuing different threads of a work can help each other discover the intricate texture of the whole. Together, they can construct their own more complete visions of what the author is saying. As participants explore the point of view and ideas expressed in a selection, they begin to integrate an author's thoughts with their own. They may find themselves thinking critically and seriously for the first time about God and man, life and death, love, hate, war, courage, wealth, or wisdom.

Begin the Education of Your Self - Today!

We structure discussions using Shared Inquiry guidelines that enhance our ability to learn from each other's insights. There are no educational requirements except the desire to learn. There are no teachers and no tuition. Discussion is guided by one or two leaders - laymen, not experts - who encourage the group to think about problems of meaning in the great books by asking questions.

Great Books Publications

Each of our discussion groups makes it own choices about what to read, but many of them choose to discuss readings from Great Books Foundation publications. The selections in the Adult Great Books program have been carefully chosen on the basis of interest and discussion value. We believe they present, in excellent translations, some of the most important and profound thinking of the past 2500 years.

These paperback reading series, published by the Great Books Foundation, provide an economical and convenient way to own the great books. During discussion, use of books with the same page numbers and translations speeds references and eliminates irrelevant textual disputes.

A National Organization

Great Books of San Francisco is a regional council of the Great Books Foundation. Founded in 1947, the Foundation is dedicated to providing people of all ages with the opportunity to read, discuss, and learn from the great works of literature.

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