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Leader/Reader Workshop

July 15, 2023

Join our annual Great Books workshop to meet with enthusiastic readers from around northern California, brush up on your leading style, discover new ideas, and practice discussion leading in a supportive setting. Bring friends from your discussion group.

Lead by Example

Our annual Leader-Reader Workshop will take place on July 15, 2023, via Zoom.


Further details about the event, including how to register, will be posted on this page soon.

The Leader-Reader Workshop helps develop confidence in Great Books discussions. We'll spend the day demonstrating, discussing and practicing techniques for effectively leading and participating in discussions. We'll trade tips on having good discussions and what gets in their way, and we'll practice our technique in mini-discussions, reviewing what worked.


Experience the power of the shared inquiry method! This workshop is offered annually by the Great Books Council of San Francisco, and is for all levels of leaders and readers. There is a small charge to cover expenses, a break-even fee. 

Please email Louise Morgan at if you would like to be included on a wait list.

Looking for help on leading Shared Inquiry discussions? Great Books of Northern California has created a YouTube channel with videos containing advice on different aspects of leading discussions:

You can get on the mailing list for this event and others by sending email to

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