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Annual Meeting and Book Discussion

July 6, 2024

Each summer, the Council holds a brief annual meeting, board elections, and then the pièce de resistance: a book discussion!


Every summer, the GBSF holds an Annual Meeting.

We start with a quick set of formalities: delivery of the Council's Annual Report, followed by annual elections of officers and the Executive Committee. Then we do what we like to do most: have a book discussion!

The 2024 Annual Meeting and Book Discussion will take place on July 6, 2024 at 10:00 am, on Zoom. After briefly conducting our annual business, we'll discuss Katharine Anne Porter's short novel Noon Wine.

The Annual Meeting is free and open to anyone who has attended a Northern California Great Books event or discussion group during the past year.

For further info, and to register for the event, please click this link for the event registration page:


Questions? Please send email to



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